AVATRADE ADS REMOVED. Avatrade/afectados.es has managed to remove in seconds two AVATRADE advertisements in two Spanish digital newspapers by proving that AVATRADE is a criminal organization dedicated since its foundation to fraud, swindling and theft.

AvaTrade’s advertisement in MADRIDIARIO has been removed following our request. On 10 August 2021, AVATRADE publishes an advertisement in the digital newspaper MERCA2. We ask them to remove it, and they take it down immediately, as seen in the screenshots.

THE AVATRADE TRADING PLATFORM It says that AVATRADE was founded in 2006 and has offices in more than 150 countries. Whether all the offices are like the one they supposedly have in Madrid: We have checked that there is no office in Madrid. And the telephone with a Madrid prefix is sometimes used with a French prefix, confirming that everything in AVATRADE is a fraud.

DupliTrade and ZuluTruade are two financial scams run by AVATRADE to steal.It invites beginners to rob them without problems, but it is forbidden to operate without a suitability test. CaixaBank was fined two million euros for not carrying out a suitability test on its clients.

AVATRADE FOREX REFERRAL PROGRAMME. Here Avatrade offers bonuses for referring friends. AvaTrade does not want to learn that giving bonuses is forbidden by law. Don’t the regulators see that? BONUSES The chapter dedicated to bonuses talks about welcome bonuses and bonuses for bringing friends, which is totally forbidden by law. But these AVATRADE thieves think they are unpunished and what they want is to collect as much money as possible because customers will see later that they will lose the bonus and all the capital you have invested.

OUR NEXT ACTION Remove AVATRADE from Google, Facebook and Twitter, and for this, we are ready to send 100% of the proofs.



Francisco Gómez González, webmaster of this platform. Suppose you do not pay me what I have been stolen before September 2021. You will be able to see me on all the televisions in the world showing this evidence and many others so that AVATRADE will ban from operating in the whole world, and those responsible will disintegrate in prison. Avatrade tells me that they have not stolen from me, that their partners have stolen from me, but they do not identify them, nor report them to the police, THEN AVATRADE IS THE HEAD OF THOSE CRIMINALS.

Francisco Gómez González
FFrancisco Gómez González ( scammed and robbed by AvaTrade agents)
Civil servant of the Kingdom of Spain