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My name is José and I am going to relate my experience of how I fell into the fraud platforms or financial scams AVATRADE and ANALYSTQ.

 It all started in May 2020, I started receiving phone calls from foreign numbers with prefixes +44 and +39. I answered unfortunately and they asked me if I knew the world of trading and more specifically the company AVATRADE.

I said no, but they insisted that I register on the platform that they were going to make me a demo without any commitment. I told them to call me another day and I would think about it with the intention of not picking up the phone.

 The calls from a foreign number kept ringing day after day until I got tired and picked up the phone. I registered with AVATRADE with the instructions of the salesman and I thought that for 250 euros they would stop insisting.

The salesman told me that the next day an advisor would call me to show me the platform and how to operate, to give me courses or classes on how to operate.


The advisor that called me was a certain MARISA, and every two or three days she gave me classes on the MetaTrader platform, she told me where to invest, STOP-LOSS, TAKE PROFIT, Volumes or lots, commodities market, etc.

She gave me a WhatsApp number +44 7397 823051 to be in contact with her, although she almost always called me from a foreign phone with prefix + 39. She offered me a project plan, but I would have to deposit more money starting with 5000 euros, she insisted a lot until I accepted.

After two weeks I started to have benefits, more confidence with her, she insisted that I could deposit more money to put more volume in the operations and earn more money.



When I put more money in, there were days when in a matter of hours or minutes I reached profits of more than a thousand euros, although there were also some downward scares, but then the operations recovered. All of this led to a total and blind trust in her.

She told me about the AnyDesk programme (remote control), that she could carry out the trades faster herself and teach me the platform better.

After the summer holidays in September, she asked me if I wanted to open a managed account with her, in which she would manage the account for me, but with a 30% profit for her, I said yes and she asked me for a series of documents, a selfie with the identification. 


The new project or platform is called ANALYSTQ. From the first day as I was so blind I already allowed her through the AnyDesk program to make the transfer to a foreign country SLOVAKIA (I found it strange) but she convinced me and I trusted her. She gave me a new WhatsApp number (+44 7502 308409).

The next day another consultant called me, introducing herself as an AVATRADE employee who was going to be the new consultant because Marisa was no longer there, I thought that Analystq was another project. 

She also called me from foreign phones +44 or +39, who worked at AVATRADE headquarters in Dublin, she told me that I could contact her by WhatsApp with the same number that MARISA supposedly had when she worked at AVATRADE (+44 7397 823051). 



They both started calling me insistently even on the same day and at the same time asking me for more money, MARISA at ANALYSTQ that, if bitcoin was going to go up a lot and the AVATRADE advisor that she had good project plans from the best TRADERS in the company, to put more money to get to a VIP account, bonus, etc.

Until the end of November it seemed normal, although all the savings were already in the two platforms in AVATRADE and ANALYSTQ. o see it).


On November 23rd Marisa called me to tell me that the account was in «margin call» and that I could lose all my money, she insisted on putting more money in and I decided to deposit 2000 euros from my card and another 5000 euros from a friend’s card. After two days without any progress I decided to cancel the AVATRADE account, to compensate for the losses of Marisa’s project.

The AVATRADE advisor insisted on why I was going to close the account and asked me what was happening to me, I told her everything and she insisted on helping me on the other platform. She asked me for my username and password and in 5 or 10 minutes the ANALYSTQ account was back to normal (I started to suspect, but I didn’t want t

Avatrade es lo mismo que ANALYSTQ: ROBO, ESTAFA Y FRAUDA


I continued to trust the AVATRADE advisor because she had a project plan for me that would make the account grow much more. On 1 December 2020, I decided to add her project plan with a lot of trades and a lot of volumes, telling her that I thought it was very exaggerated, but she insisted that I should not worry.

The trades started to fall, falling to a loss of almost 38,000 euros and I decided to cancel all trades. The AVATRADE advisor was surprised at my actions and why I closed my trades, telling me that markets always go through corrections and that the account would go up again.

ATRADE ROBA A TRAVÉS DE ANALYSTQ y la directiva no solo lo sabe sino que está implicada


From this point onwards is when he insistently calls me to add more operations to try to recover what was lost (it was non-stop calls). I also decided to talk to Marisa to try to get part or all of the capital invested. Everything was evasive, that I have to wait longer, that bitcoin is rising and that it is not worth it.

This is when I started to realise that it was all a scam (January 2021), I started to search the internet and my suspicions were coming true. Marisa and a certain Matías told me that as I wanted to withdraw the money, they took it out of my account and that I had to pay a tax of 10% or 21% depending on the amount I wanted to withdraw.

Otro robo: Me piden pagar un impuesto del 10% o un 21% dependiendo de la cantidad que quisiese retirar

Does the AVATRADE board know all this?

Daire Ferguson Firmas

Dáire Ferguson

Executive Director of AvaTrade and ultimately responsible for the thefts, swindles and frauds of its members, why doesn't he denounce them? Isn't he also the ultimate boss of all these swindles and thefts? Well, it' s hard to explain why he doesn't denounce them.

Sari Hemmendinger. Creo que supuestamente es Mellody, la que me arruinó mi cuenta en AVATRADE y la que me robo 40000 euros diciendo que me iba a abrir una cuenta manejada en AVATRADE con alto rendimiento y luego me la abare en Trade99. Melody o como te llames en la cárcel pronto estarás.

Sari Hemmendinger

Sari Hemmendinger. I think she is supposedly Mellody, the one who ruined my AVATRADE account and who stole 40000 euros from me saying she was going to open me a managed account in AVATRADE with high profit and then open it in Trade99. Melody or whatever your name is you will be in jail soon.

Turlough McIntyre, Vicepresidente de Gestión de riesgos

Turlough McIntyre

Vice President of Risk Management. Another member of the board who simply says that those who have stolen us have been fired but does not identify them. Why is that? Well, it's very simple because he takes 70% of what was stolen along with the rest of the board members.

Ian Webb, Vicepresidente de cumplimiento. Se asegura bien de cumplir el que ninigún afiliado ladrón sea identificado.

Ian Webb

Vice President of Compliance. He makes sure that no thieving affiliates are identified.

Peadar O’Shea, Director no ejecutivo y posiblemente el señor George manager de Trade99

Peadar O’Shea

Non-executive director and possibly Mr George manager of Trade99. I have already passed his voice to Dublin Police. Mr George manager of Trade99. We can hear his voice, he acknowledges that he has listened to the recordings of the conversations I have had with Melody and tells me that he cannot identify her, that she is as good as dead. Then, at the end of the chat I had with Trade99, I play the above recording to the person who answers me and he says that George is one of his bosses.


Plataforma de Afectados por AvaTrade

No, we are not members of the board of AVATRADE, God forbid. But sirs of AVATRADE, if you take a long time to pay us what your members have stolen from us. WE WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW WHAT AVATRADE REALLY IS.


I am a civil servant of the Kingdom of Spain and webmaster of this platform. AVATRADE has stolen from me through their agent Melody and Marco. If you don't pay us soon, I will not stop investigating until I find you and you are thrown in prison.


As I was writing this article I read it and discovered that Marisa from AnalystQ is the same person who called me, a partner of AVATRADE and that her boss, Mr. George, was one of the bosses of Trade99. Well, having analysed both platforms, they are identical in their interface and so on. This allows me to conclude without a doubt that Mr. George and his agent Marisa are partners of AVATRADE and also bosses of the theft and scam platforms Trade99 and AnalystQ.



On the other hand what to pay a tax of 10% to 21% if we want to take out our money THAT’S ANOTHER BIG SCAM, if you pay it’ s just another lost money and you will NEVER receive your rest of your money. 

Below is a screenshot of a chat from a Niki who knew my phone number and everything that had happened to me on AVATRADE and Trade99, she called me to advise me on what to do: report it to the Guardia Civil, report it to the bank in Ireland …. but in the end when I find out she is another thief and I ask for my money (500 euros), I was supposed to receive it in 48 hours and it is now it is more than eight months later and I am still waiting. 


But surprisingly a few days ago they contacted me on WhatsApp and told me that my 500 euros have become 2520 and that to receive them I have to pay 20% first which is 504 euros and when I tell them to deduct it from my balance and I take out the difference he disappeared. 

I am not going to put everything in the screenshot because they took a photo of my ID and personal details, I think that being in the hands of these scum is a problem so I have proceeded to report them and change my ID for theft:

El timo de pagar impuesto para sacar tu dinero Trade100


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