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AvaTrade México

Avatrade. Plataforma de afectados por AvaTrade en avatrade-afectados.mx

AvaTrade México

AVATRADE-AFECTADOS.mx es una plataforma dirigida a todos los robados y estafados por AvaTrade que están en ,México.

Si eres de habla hispana y no estás en España. He creado el dominio avatrade-estafados.com para reunir en ella a todo el mundo de habla hispana que no reside en España.

Avatrade utiliza para México el regitro en la CNMV de España que solo le habilita para España y sin el programa de robo que ellos denominan AVAPARTNER.

OBJETIVOS de Avatrade-afectados.ES

AvaTrade México

Lo que pretende la Plafatorma de Afectados por Avatrade de México es recoger personas afectadas por los robos, fraudes y estafas de la organización criminal internacional de robo, estafa y fraude denominada AVATRADE.

Esta plataforma de Afectados por Avatrade es para luchar contra los robos, estafas y fraudes de está especialmente indicada para todas las personas


AvaTrade México

En avatrade-afectados.es voy a explicar los pasos a seguir para que la persona estafada y robada por los agentes de AVATRADE lo que ellos llaman AVAPARTERS sepan qué hacer para reclamar su dinero:

-Modelos de reclamaciones a las entidades bancarias.

-Modelos de reclamaciones a los bancos en donde dice AVATRADE tener cuentas segregadas de los clientes y lo más probable que contesten que no las hay con lo cual es una prueba muy evidente de que AVATRADE está cometiendo una gran estafa.

Modelos de reclamaciones para los organismos reguladores.

Modelos de reclamaciones a los BANCOS REGULADORES de cada país.

Modelos de reclamaciones a las tarjetas de crédito o débito tipo Visa, Master Card, et

Modelos de reclamaciones a PayPal.

Planificación de actuaciones conjuntas en redes sociales, en Internet y en todos los medios de comunicación.

AvaTrade México


AvaTrade México

Bloqueo de los anuncios de AVATRADE como ya hemos hecho anteriormente como se puede ver en el artículo denominado AVATRADE ADDS.

También he creado la platafaroma AVATRADE-AFECTADOS.MX para ayudar a miles de mexicanos que están siendo robados con el programa de AvaPartner que tiene Avatrade para México.

Nunca pienses que has perdido tu dinero en el mercado, Avatrade te lo ha robado y tu dinero nunca ha salido al mercado, además, el programa de AvaPartner consiste en que inviertas lo máximo posible para después dejar tu cuenta en la ruina.


Luego Avatrade es una organización creada y fundada para robar y toda la estafa se dirige desde Israel como he demostrado en el vídeo Black Hat.

Por otra parte, los cargos en las tarjetas de crédito vienen como AVA CAPITAL MARKET y si comprobamos que no coincide con la empresa regulada que es AVA TRADE EU LIMITED.

AvaTrade México

AvaTrade México

Two robberies

Two thefts by your affiliate

I have had two thefts by your affiliate carrying my account #74165749.


1. SUITABILITY TEST. Your agent named Melody does not do the suitability test. For this reason, Caixabank has been fined 2 million euros: https://avatrade-afectados.es/i/caixabank.jpg

2. BONUSES. Offering bonuses to get me to invest more money. Giving bonuses is prohibited by regulators. Your partner or affiliate who had my account number 74165749 gives me a bonus of 3000 euros when I increase my investment.

HOW CURIOUS YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT YOU CANNOT IDENTIFY YOUR AFFILIATE WHO HELD MY ACCOUNT, which helps me open an account on your platform, gives me a bonus with the order number 37175274 dated 05/08/2020 as you can see in the following screenshot: https://avatrade-afectados.es/psd/bonus.jpg

3. DIRECT POSITIONS. All regulatory bodies strictly prohibit directing positions. Companies like PLUS500 that are not designed to steal are very clear: “But please note that we cannot give you advice on your trading activity.

Where to trade and how to make money, we can only assist you if you have questions related to your Plus500 account or the operation of the platform.

You can see the minimums for a new position in the details of each instrument. I appreciate your understanding! and says that this is prohibited by legislation” As you can see in this screenshot: https://avatrade-afectados.es/i/plus500.jpg 

However, your affiliate Melody or whatever her name opens me dead positions, positions against the market as you can see in order 37541089 dated 20/08/2020: https://avatrade-afectados.es/I/A1_18164_14DePerdida20_8_8_2020AProposito.jpg 

Said death position, against the market is seen to match my call log: https://avatrade-afectados.es/i/A2_bisregistroLLamadas20Agosto2020.jpg 

And the police are investigating the audio recordings where your partner is perfectly heard when he opens me the position against the market “We are going to make a lot of money”.

4.LEAVE THE ACCOUNT DEAD.  According to the regulators, a private account cannot lose more than 50% of the invested capital, and you left my account with a balance of 4.96 euros: https://avatrade-afectados.es/SaldoAvatrade4_96euros.jpg

5. RECORD OF ALL ACTIVITY.  On my account no. 74165749. In the following link, you have a record of all the activity of the account. You cannot deny that this is your platform.

On this platform, you HAVE stolen 40,000 euros from me for the reasons stated above. Here is the link to the activity log of account number 74165749 in PDF format: https://avatrade-afectados.es/DepositosRealizados.pdf

AvaTrade México


AvaTrade México

Your affiliate Melody or whatever her name is, the same one who managed my previous account in AVATRADE, tells me that she is going to open an account managed in AVATRADE with an investment of 40,000 euros and three months I would have 100,000 euros guaranteed and that would make a total of 14,000 euros.

Moreover, she takes it all to Trade99 and disappears. In your official chat, they tell me that they cannot identify her because she is not on the direct staff of AVATRADE and cannot access the database of workers of your affiliated partners.

ll this is understandable, and I believe it, but YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR PARTNER to whom my account is connected and tell him what has happened so that he pays me or identifies the one who has stolen and if he does not do so, report him to the police. However, your responses ARE AN INSULT TO HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

Yeroh, I do not believe that if you are an AFFILIATE MANAGER of AVATRADE, you cannot know the identity of your affiliates with whom my account was connected.

A simple operator of the official AVATRADE chat always put me in contact. If AVATRADE is not the boss of Trade99, why AVATRADE does not identify this Avapartner who had my Avatrade account number 74165749?

I am a man of word, which I have not been able to see in AVATRADE.

Regarding the last 40,000 euros that went to Trade99, you have two options:

1st) Communicate the identity of your affiliate who had my Avatrade account number 74165749? So that I can take legal action against this affiliate.

2nd) If you continue to protect him by hiding his identity and you do not pay me the stolen amount, I WILL NOT STOP, I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL AVATRADE DISAPPEARS, remember that the Roman Empire was also in many countries and disappeared.

Yesterday evening they already made me a first contact interview without proof in a Mexican TV, as you can see at the end of the program: https://fb.watch/7DJeFxjasi/

But on Octubre 24th I am going to have an interview with one hour of duration (as I have been told to present both my proofs and those of thousands of people who have already given me permission) in the worldwide program of the BBC “HARD TALK” that, although you cannot see it live you can download it from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004t1s0/episodes/downloads

If you do not pay me, I will continue with my program of actions to make AVATRADE disappear, legal actions.

I will denounce AVATRADE in the 152 countries where it has presence, but as I know that you are not afraid of justice because it is usually prolonged, I will have millions of actions in social networks, internet, press, television, etc. As to do so, I would only need hours a day I will train and direct all those who have stolen.

If it is true that you are intelligent, and intelligent vision is to pay me because you are losing customers every day, (yesterday 50 people called me thanking me for maintaining the web of https://avatrade-afectados.es  ) and with answers that you do not know the identity of your partner who had my account in AVATRADE, that IS AN INSULT TO HUMAN INTELLIGENCE and a PROOF THAT AVATRADE IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION OF SCAM, THEFT AND FRAUD,

Yeroh, you are an employee of AVATRADE. Still, if even a chat operator can contact the affiliate who had my account and you who are AFFILIATE MANAGER say you do not know the identity of the same, I will report you to the police to tell them to see if they believe you.

By the way, communicate to all the AVATRADE board that appears in this VIDEO: https://youtu.be/SZz4NeoZxrU if they don’t pay me today, I will also file a complaint against them on Monday.

Yeroh’s response is an insult to human intelligence:https://avatrade-afectados.es/i/RespuestaYeroh.jpg

AvaTrade México

AvaTrade México
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