It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD

It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD

It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD

Fraud is committed by those who, for profit, use trickery sufficient to cause error in another, inducing them to carry out an act of disposition to their own or another’s prejudice.

In this graph we see the position of death that Melody opens for me.

As we can see, the opening coincides with the calls she made to me that day.

Melody opens a death position for me and when I see that everything is going to collapse, I ask her if I close it and she gives me a firm No.

I ask her what I can do and she tells me to open positions against, I stay this way all night and I earn 19000 euros but when I come back from work he next day my account is down to 4.96 euros. I found out today that AVATRADE calls it a dead account and that’s when they share out what the client has lost.

Melody told me that she was going to put 40000 euros in an account managed by AVATRADE with a guaranteed profitability of 100000 euros in 3 months and then I see that she put them in the illegal platform of theft and scam Trade99.

This is the contract that Mr. Fergurson had me prepare for Mr. Fergurson to sign and which he never signed and instead I get access to Trade99.

She prepares the transfer where she puts me as the beneficiary. She tells me she does this to put my mind at peace.

But when I ask the bank about my account, they tell me that the account is not in my name but in the name of «Clear Transfer Technologies OÜ».

I ask for a transfer of my 40000 euros that Melody had put in Trade99 and I get this message where we can read that I will have the money in 5 working days.

However, as we can see in this Whatsapp screenshot, I am contacted by the person who claims to be responsible for Trade99, they say that they are a concurrent broker of AVATRADE and that I have lost the funds when I had all the operations closed when I requested the transfer.

Here we see that the transfer that I requested on the 9th of September and should have arrived in 5 days was rejected on the 16th of September.

They think that because we have been scammed, we Spaniards are so stupid that every day I receive several calls from this gang of criminals directed by AVATRADE, I block them but they always get different numbers, most of them with an Italian prefix.

This is the first list of phone numbers from where AVATRADE’s partners were calling and I will have to update it with the previous list.

Here we can see some information for Partnership or partners where AVATRADE offers 30% to the partners and AVATRADE’s management team keeps 70%.

It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD

Francisco Gómez González, webmaster of this platform. Suppose you do not pay me what I have been stolen before September 2021. You will be able to see me on all the televisions in the world showing this evidence and many others so that AVATRADE will ban from operating in the whole world, and those responsible will disintegrate in prison. Avatrade tells me that they have not stolen from me, that their partners have stolen from me, but they do not identify them, nor report them to the police, THEN AVATRADE IS THE HEAD OF THOSE CRIMINALS.

Francisco Gómez González
FFrancisco Gómez González ( scammed and robbed by AvaTrade agents)
Civil servant of the Kingdom of Spain
It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD
It is confirmed that AVATRADE is a big FRAUD