The AvaParner program aims to ruin the client's account so that the partner and Avatrade can share the stolen money.

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Is Sari a man or a Woman?


NAME: Sari

SEX: Feminine

Usage: Sari, of Hebrew origin, is a popular name that a female person can wear.

People named Sari may originate from Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Finland, Israel.

Sari is only a girls name. Sari originates from Hebrew culture. Sari means princess. The name originates from Sara and comes from Hebrew. English speakers may have difficulties with the pronunciation of this name. A nickname for Sari is «Sarai».

Variants: Variants of the name Sari around the world are Sarah.


The name Sari is ranked 2534th most given names. Therefore, it is a common name.

It is estimated that at least 148200 people in the world have been given this name, representing 0.003% of the population. The name Sari is composed of four letters. It is relatively short compared to the other names.

The saint or name of Sari is celebrated on 19 August.

Sarah is the name of a biblical character from the book of Genesis, wife of the patriarch Abraham; it is estimated that the events of her life occurred around 1800 BC.


AVatrade Fraud

So what about Avatrade’s board where we find Sari Hemmendinger, CFO? Remind the reader that CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is very close to the CEO, who reports directly to him. 

The CFO is responsible for the economic and financial planning of the company. CEO is the acronym for the English term «Chief Executive Officer» and refers to the person who occupies the highest management position in the hierarchy of an organisation.

On Avatrade’s website, we can read:
Mrs Hemmendinger came to AvaTrade after serving as a Senior Manager at PwC, one of the big five global CPA firms. 

She joined AvaTrade in 2015 as Finance Manager.
Mrs. Hemmendinger holds an LLM in Law, in Accounting and Information Systems. Also, an Accounting Certification (CPA).

While on the European Linkedin, she is listed as:
Experienced Group Chief Financial Officer. She has demonstrated a history of working in the financial services industry. 

She is skilled in Cash Flow, Accounting, Treasury, Financial Statements, and CFOs. Strong finance professional with a Master’s degree focused in Law from Bar-Ilan University. And here, we learn that Sari is from Israel.

But it turns out that Viviana, who is passing me vitally important information the other day told me that all the real bosses of AvaTrade are in Israel, and it is from Israel that they run the scam. Curiously, Viviana passed me Sari Hemmendiger’s profile the other day, and there is a photo of a man. 

It says that he is also from Israel, the financial director, the financial vice-president of AvaTrade. We can continue reading that in 2012 he got his master’s degree in law at Bar-llan University, a university in Israel. And that in 2008 he holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Jerusalem College of Technology. His skills include financial reporting, financial statements, accounting, cash flow, CFO. Financial analysis, treasury, etc.

Both the male and female profiles state that they are the CFO of AvaTrade. What do I think of all this? Knowing that the whole AvaTrade team is designed to steal, that they are liars, well, what can I think that this is further proof that the AvaTrade team are pirates, criminals where we can no longer trust that the photos they present are authentic and we can not trust anything. 

Dear reader, remember that we are dealing with a criminal organisation run from Israel, and they think they are immune. Now it is up to the police in all countries to dismantle this gang of international criminals.



I think that the Melody who robbed me may be Sari. Melody told me she was from Israel, Melody as I found out later, worked for EuropeTrading, being Mr George, her boss and all of the partners of Avatrade and Trade99`s manager, as I have shown in previous posts.
Thank God I did not involve any friends as this Sari was very keen to get a friend involved by offering me large bonuses in return.

Thank God I did not involve any friends as this Sari was very keen to get a friend involved by offering me large bonuses in return.

Sari was very keen to get a friend involved by offering me large bonuses in return.

Sari Hemmendinger, CFO

Sari Hemmendinger. Creo que supuestamente es Mellody, la que me arruinó mi cuenta en AVATRADE y la que me robo 40000 euros diciendo que me iba a abrir una cuenta manejada en AVATRADE con alto rendimiento y luego me la abare en Trade99. Melody o como te llames en la cárcel pronto estarás.

AvaTrade is lying

AvaTrade Robbers

AvaTrade is lying

AvaTrade is lying

AvaTrade Robbers

AvaTrade is lying

AvaTrade Robbers​

Burglar or thief of AVATRADE

Is Sari a man or a woman?

Reproducir video acerca de Avatrade scam

Days to go before the whole truth about AVATRADE is known.

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